Is it bad to use double slashes in the URL path?

Is it bad to use double slashes in the URL path?

My feed reader uses URLs like This URL displays content from
I’ve recently added a pagination feature by appending /page/123 to the end of URLs. For example, page 2 of the BBC feed would be
However, some feed URLs end in slashes, such as Page 2 of this feed would be Is this double slash bad? Will any browser ignore the double slash and request instead? returns 404 not found.
P.S. I’m using Apache’s rewrite module to send all requests to a PHP script that processes the rewriting.


Solution 1:

There is nothing in RFC 3986 (especially in the Normalization and Comparison section) suggesting that a slash in the URI path could be removed, no matter in which context.

Generally, every single character is meaningful. So your two URIs (with and without the second slash) are different URIs.

Example redirects to,

while redirects to