Sample data models for Cassandra?

Sample data models for Cassandra?

I found the great DatabaseAnswers site with sample SQL data models for a lot of common use cases. (CRM, e-commerce, popular websites, etc.) The models aren’t the richest or most well-architected, but they serve as a great starting point for learning how to create SQL models and demonstrating best practices.
I’m now beginning to work with Cassandra, which obviously has a completely different data model paradigm. Sometimes it’s hard to get all of those SQL lessons out of your head, which makes it difficult to determine the best way to model your data. Does anyone know of a similar site that has sample data models for Cassandra? For example, I’d like to see the data model for an e-mail or messaging system, demonstrating how to setup all of the Columns and ColumnFamily’s in an optimal way. More real-world type examples would be great. Has anyone come across such a resource or tutorial?


Solution 1:

I think you may be hard-pressed to find info there. I am sure more and more may come out in the future. You may find some info out there in client documentation like PlayOrm’s docs

so there is some info out there. I am sure there will be more and more as it is still a growing space.

We just added this page and will be adding more in the future as well and these are applicable to general NoSql as well as PlayOrm…


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