How to find fields with mapping conflicts

How to find fields with mapping conflicts

My index settings in Kibana tell me that I have fields with mapping conflicts in my logstash-* index patterns.
What is the easiest way to find out which fields have a conflicting mapping and/or in which indices the conflict occurs?


Solution 1:

As of at least Kibana 5.2, you can type “conflict” into the Filter field, which will filter all fields down to only those which have a conflict. At the far right there is a column named “controls”, and for each field it has a button with a pencil icon. Clicking that will tell you which indices have which mapping.

Fields filtered to only those with conflicts:
fields filtered to only those with conflicts

Indices in which field mapping conflicts:
indices in which field mapping conflicts

Solution 2:

It should be easy to spot those in the list of fields, when defining the pattern. Something like this:

enter image description here

Solution 3:

In Elasticsearch 5.5.2, you can click on the dropdown on the right of the Filter search box and select “conflict”. This is in the Index Patterns page.

Solution 4:

Since I couldn’t locate the mapping conflict in the gui. I went down the hard path analysed my config for missing/conflicting field type found the offender and reindexed my data.