Google Chrome inactivity redirect

Google Chrome inactivity redirect

I have chrome opening in kiosk mode – I added the –kiosk flag to the chrome shortcut which works as expected.
The kiosk allows browsing of our intranet and the internet. I realise I can use javascript to redirect pages on our intranet, but what about the internet? We don’t want people fpr example browsing to YouTube and then walking away.
We would like to have the browser re-direct to after x minutes of inactivity.
I have tried Kiosk here which does exactly what we require but the swipe left/right gestures don’t seem to work for page navigation (already contacted the developer via github).
Any suggestions?


Solution 1:

I managed to find an answer to this question on another site.

Ended up using a chrome extension called Idle Reset.

Hopefully it helps somebody else.


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