exposing dynamic schemas with graphql

exposing dynamic schemas with graphql

My application handles schema on the fly. Users can upload new domains or change the definitions of existing domains. For ex, say, I ship the product with a user schema like this :
user {
fn, ln, age
Later user can change this definition to include new properties;
user {
fn, ln, age,
salary, address

or they can add an entirely new domain concept.
If I use GraphQL, is there a way to change the schema dynamically ?
Another question is;
Our schemas have conditions that make some parts of the schema relevant. For ex;
the user schema may have something like this:
user {
fn, ln, age, gender
foo (if gender == Male)
bar (if gender == Female)

are there provisions in GraphQL to express these. I am ok to handle it in java code, but, then the schema look ups need to be routed to my code rather than referring to a static schema registry.


Solution 1:

I had to solve the same kind of problem: I have a graphQL java server which can load plugins dynamically (each plugins come with its own schema definition).

You have to implement your own GraphQLSchemaProviderand override public GraphQLSchema getSchema(HttpServletRequest request). Then load / reload your schema according to refresh time / request condition (ie: user) / anything else…

For your second question, you can use Inline fragment http://graphql.org/learn/queries/#inline-fragments


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