apache reverse proxy changes url

apache reverse proxy changes url

i tried to configure apache’s reverse proxy on a server to redirect the requests from /hotm to http://gateway.messenger.hotmail.com
typing the addres xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/hotm in a browser, the request is redirected correctly, but the url in the address bar changes to “http://gateway.messenger.hotmail.com”.
it’s possible to configure the proxy on apache so that the address does not change?
this is the httpd.conf fragment
ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPass /hotm http://gateway.messenger.hotmail.com
ProxyPassReverse /hotm http://gateway.messenger.hotmail.com

Order Allow,deny
Allow from all

Redirect Permanent /hotm http://gateway.messenger.hotmail.com


Solution 1:

You must also set the ProxyPassReverse directive, typically to the same url as your ProxyPass value.


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