Sync, not export, Facebook events with Google Apps calendar


Sync, not export, Facebook events with Google Apps calendar

I have tried this before but didn't get anywhere.
I have a Google Apps account of my own domain that I use for email, calendar and contacts. I sync all of these with my iPhone.
I would like to sync Facebook Events I am attending/maybe attending only to another calendar (separate colour) within my Google Apps account calendar. I dont want to have to export to ICS etc. everytime a new event comes up.
I have also tried using but this wouldn't show events with Google Apps.
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Answer 1:

There’s an article on this here. I’ve not checked that it works, but it seems pretty straight forward. The essence is that instead of importing the calendar, you add the URL of your event feed as a public calendar – here’s a summary of the steps:

  1. In Facebook click on “Events”
  2. Click on “Export Events” and copy the URL
  3. In Google Calendar go to “Add” under “Other calendars” and choose “Add by URL”
  4. Paste the URL you copied from Facebook and click “Add”

[Update: to make answer more complete]
If you run into issues with private events not showing properly then check out This site acts as an inbetween to clear the private flag and enable Gmail to show them properly (Thanks to prestomation for this tip)

Hope that helps!

Answer 2:

Here is a workaround that runs on Google App Engine.

Similar to:

  • eventbusyfix by bobotus
  • facebook-google-calendar-event-calendar-integration/ by Uni

Answer 3:

I found the solution for my problem with it
When using the “export” function on Facebook it gives you a wrong link

The format FB gave me was


but it needs to be


Facebook somehow omits the “&” before “key”

with the “&” it works fine!

Answer 4:

At I had the option to sync the facebook calendar (read only) as well as my private calendars. They might have added this since you checked?

Answer 5:

You can try this free app to sync Facebook events with Google Calendar. It allows you to filter only events that you are or may be actually attending to avoid clutter.
Simple and it works!

I wonder why Facebook does not offer more customized feeds natively.

Answer 6:

As of April 2013, to sync your facebook calendar with GCal, it’s pretty simple.

  1. On the events page, click the gear in the top right. Directly next to ‘Today’.
  2. Click ‘Export’
  3. Right click ‘Upcoming Events’ and click Copy URL.
  4. Go into Google Calendar and click the arrow next to ‘Other Calendars’
  5. Click ‘Add by URL’ and paste the link you copied.

And you’re done. Google will sync up with your Facebook events just like that.

If you want to import birthdays, just follow the same steps, instead copying the other hyperlink.

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