Is there a forum-like exchange for trading Bitcoins person-to-person?

Is there a forum-like exchange for trading Bitcoins person-to-person?

I was to trade Bitcoins for PayPal quite frequently and I know that PayPal doesn't allow Bitcoin exchanges to accept PayPal payments.
But there should exist a person-to-person trading site that works like a forum and where people choose how to pay each other, no?
I know about bitcoin-otc, but I'd prefer a forum-like concept better instead of IRC.
Thanks in advance!


Answer 1:

I think what you are looking for has just been released.


Bitcoinary Screenshot

Answer 2: has person-to-person PayPal trading:

There are also discussion forums where people frequently discuss about PayPal, avoiding fraud there, etc. Here is an example:!/trading#getting-paypal-scammedive has also trusted buyers list where you can set your trading parties trusted and make trading offers available only for them (to avoid scammers).

Answer 3:

You can trade Bitcoins for PayPal on #bitcoin-otc on FreeNode IRC, just make sure you deal with people with a good reputation, and that you use the rating system correctly.

Answer 4:

If you dont like bitcoin-otc ( but imho its the best solution ) , you can try

There are also some trading on the marketplace section of bitcointalk :

But beware, the scammers are many on the forums, only the web of trust system on bitcoin-otc will help you avoid scammers.

Answer 5:

There are a number of places to cash out bitcoins and get the payout through PayPal.

Answer 6:

You might want to try Silk Road, there you can buy/sell Bitcoin, among other things.

Not sure about the rates, though.

Answer 7:

I use quite a lot, fast bank transfers if you are located in the UK. I think they also have set up Paypal payments for people who live outside the UK.

Answer 8:

CoinTouch (my site) puts you in touch with find friends of friends that want to trade bitcoins.

CoinTouch shows offers to buy and sell within your extended social network. Prices are pegged to market rates (MtGox or CoinDesk), at your chosen spread, and thus automatically update every minute.

There are no fees, no delays and no BS.

CoinTouch can price in all major world currencies. More altcoins coming soon. Currently supports Facebook login – Google and LinkedIn coming soon.

Any feedback, please drop me a tweet @cointouch

Thanks, and I hope you find the site useful

Answer 9: is a person-to-person exchange much like LocalBitcoins and SEPA transfers are recommended for making the fiat payment. Bitcoins are kept in multi-signature wallets, and time-lock escrow is used during the trade.

The multi-signature solution is similar to the and BitGo wallets – the service doesn’t hold the user’s private key and isn’t capable of taking the user’s funds.

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