Implicit dependencies do not work with xcodebuild


Implicit dependencies do not work with xcodebuild

I have a little problem with one of my projects. In my workspace I have my main project and a lot of projects for static libraries. When I build from Xcode, everything works fine, but with xcodebuild, one of my project is not built, it seems that implicit dependencies do not work.k. Maybe I did something wrong with my configuration. So there it is.
My scheme configuration:

My QAPreferences.a information:

My target settings:

From Xcode, if I build with buildAppTarget in debug for iphoneos, it works.
From xcodebuild, with command below, QAPreferences project is not built.
xcodebuild -workspace myProject.xcworkspace -scheme buildApp -configuration Debug -sdk iphoneos

It worked before, but I recently added QAPreferences, and it does work since this moment. Maybe the problem comes from QAPreferences project...


Answer 1:

So I finally found why the QAPreferences was not build through xcodebuild but I still do not understand the reason. In fact QAPreferences ‘Build Archive Architecture Only’ was set to YES, I just set it to NO and now it works!

Answer 2:

I had a similar issue but forgot to specify the -workspace argument to xcodebuild, which led to it seeming like the implicit dependencies weren’t working correctly. I realize this wasn’t the issue with the original question, but for people having issues with implicit dependencies, this could be helpful.