How can I disable Background intelligent transfer service (Permanently)?

How can I disable Background intelligent transfer service (Permanently)?

I've tried to disable Background Intelligent Transfer service using two methods:
RegEdit and services.msc
After restarting the computer, the service runs at start-up again. How can I disable it permanently? Is there anyway to delete or get rid of this service? It consumes my internet and I would not like to download any Windows updates. I have Windows 10.
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Answer 1:

Run msconfig, locate it in the services tab, remove the check mark, and apply the change with a restart.

Answer 2:

None of the above tips worked for me, stopping the BITS service, setting mode to disabled, setting recovery to no action etc. BITS keeps turning itself back on and eating up my data.
I finally found a way to stop the service , here goes :

  1. Create a new user in your windows with some password
  2. Go to services.msc -> BITS
  3. Right click properties and go to the logon tab, select local account and provide the new user name with a wrong password
  4. Go to general tab and in Start up type select disable

BITS is stopped for ever.

Answer 3:

BITS is one of the crucial services to download Windows Updates. Disabling this service will interrupt Windows Updates installation which is not recommended. Here, there is no permanent way to disable Background Intelligence Transfer Service. However, I would suggest to you follow the steps below and check if it reduces CPU utilization.

Method 1: Install all the latest Windows Updates.

Method 2: Try Clean Boot
Special Note: After troubleshooting, refer to this section How to reset the computer to start normally after clean boot troubleshooting

I hope this helps definitely

For more details –

Answer 4:

Try disable windows update service in services and if not work to ensure disable windows update services in msconfig on services tab. This solved my issue.

Answer 5:

  1. First open services
  2. open properties of background intelligent transfer service
  3. click stop and in startup type choose disabled
  4. on the recovery tab choose take no action for first and second failure
  5. click ok and the service will never starts again.

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