Query a remote server’s operating system

Query a remote server’s operating system

I’m writing a microservice in Node.js, that runs a particular command line operation to get a specific piece of information. The service runs on multiple server, some of them on Linux, some on Windows. I’m using ssh2-exec to connect to the servers and execute a command, however, I need a way of determining the server’s OS to run the correct command.
let ssh2Connect = require(‘ssh2-connect’);
let ssh2Exec = require(‘ssh2-exec’);

ssh2Connect(config, function(error, connection) {
let process = ssh2Exec({
cmd: ‘‘,
ssh: connection
//using the results of process…

I have an idea for the solution: following this question, run some other command beforehand, and determine the OS from the output of said command; however, I want to learn if there’s a more “formal” way of achieving this, specifically using SSH2 library.



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