IPython Notebook Security

IPython Notebook Security

I am very impressed with IPython Notebook, and I’d like to use it more extensively. My question has to do with secure data. I know only very little about networking. If I use IPython Notebook, is the data sent out over the web to a remote server? Or is it all contained locally? I am not talking about setting up a common resource for multiple access points, just using the data on my machine as I would with SAS or R.


Solution 1:

If you run the notebook on your machine, then no, it doesn’t send anything externally. There are sites like Wakari where you can use the IPython notebook that’s running on a server, and obviously that will send your code and data to their servers.

If you did want to expose your notebook server on the internet, then there are security measures that you should take, but that’s not necessary if you’re just running ipython notebook locally, which is the default way it starts up.