Locked out of Jenkins [closed]


Locked out of Jenkins [closed]

I enabled jenkins security thinking it would prompt me to create an account. I tried deleting and editing my config.xml file in c:/program files/jenkins but i’m not sure how to restart jenkins without having access.
Any help would be appreciated.
I’m running Jenkins on a windows server, recently updated to the latest version.


Solution 1:

If you don’t have a lot of other configuration that you’d like to save, you can just delete %JENKINS_HOME%/config.xml and restart Jenkins to disable security.

Otherwise, edit config.xml and set the values inside the <useSecurity> tags to false, then restart Jenkins.

Solution 2:

I had this exact issue today on my windows jenkins server.

Just removing the xml file and restarting did not work for me either. I had to:

  • Stop the service.
  • Check taskmanager to ensure the process is gone.
  • Either edit the Config.XML file and change the useSecurity false or delete the config.xml file.
  • Now start the service again

Solution 3:

You can try: How to restart Jenkins manually?
or kill the process in taskmanager or do a taskkill in windows shell.

Here are the instructions to restart from command line:

Open Command Prompt.

Type one of the following: without qoutes

To stop a service, type:

net stop 'service'

To start a service, type:

net start 'service'

Also I think you may be looking in the wrong folder. Do you have a config.xml in