Create MS Edge-specific URL shortcut


Create MS Edge-specific URL shortcut

I've created other browser-specific URL shortcuts for various purposes.
My current environment requires IE remain the default browser (yup) but some sites don't work with IE, so for those I create shortcuts that call the full path to Chrome.exe and then call the desired URL. The result being that activating that shortcut opens Google Chrome and navigates to the desired web page.
Microsoft Edge stores itself in an odd "app" location and cannot be called in the same way.
So, how does one create a shortcut for a specific URL that opens this URL in Microsoft Edge when some other browser is set as default?


Answer 1:

I believe you’d create a shortcut that looks like this:

%windir%\explorer.exe microsoft-edge:

Answer 2:

While asking this question I read this comment on a related question I’d found

You can launch a site using “” Or
“%windir%\explorer.exe” but I’ve found no
way to add -private parameter.

So, I created a shortcut using the following Target:

%windir%\explorer.exe "microsoft-edge:"

And this worked.

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