How to install docker on windows 7 machine?

How to install docker on windows 7 machine?

My OS is supporting windows 7 and i need to install docker for my hyperledger project. Apparently, docker is available for windows 10. What should i do in this case, because upgrading my OS version is not possible as of this moment.


Answer 1:

To run Docker natively on Windows , you need Hyper-V support which isn’t included in Windows 7. You can see an official workaround below :


If you have an earlier Windows system that doesn’t meet
the Docker for Windows requirements, get Docker Toolbox.

See Docker Toolbox Overview for help on installing Docker with

The Docker Toolbox setup does not run Docker natively on Windows.
Instead, it uses docker-machine to create and attach to a virtual
machine (VM). This machine is a Linux VM that hosts Docker for you on
your Windows system.


To run Docker, your machine must have a 64-bit operating system
running Windows 7 or higher. Additionally, you must make sure that
virtualization is enabled on your machine. For details, see the
Toolbox install instructions for Windows.

Installing Docker Toolbox and hosting containers from the Linux VM shouldn’t be a problem as long as you have decent hardware available.

For installation links and tutorials : Install Docker for Windows

For Docker Toolbox : Install Docker Toolbox on Windows