Windows 10 language bar hot keys are reseted to (none) after locking

Windows 10 language bar hot keys are reseted to (none) after locking

I have 3 different keyboard layouts set up on my laptop and use Ctrl+Shift+[1-3] key combination to switch between them. 
Like that:

However, after locking and unlocking Windows (with a password), these hotkeys don't work anymore and key sequence is rolled back to (None):

Signing out from Windows or rebooting the laptop sets everything back to normal, until lock/unlock again.
I think this behaviour is related to the usage of the same hotkeys in File Explorer - to switch view (Extra large icons/Large icons/Medium icons accordingly). After the lock/unlock switch view starts working again.
Seems like File Explorer overrides language bar hotkeys after the unlocking.
How can I disable this functionality? Completely disabling Ctrl+Shift+number functionality in File Explorer will do, however I can't find anywhere on the internet how to do it.
Any ideas or help appreciated! 


Answer 1:

The picture is pretty self-explanatory. The idea is to propagate language settings of current user to the whole system. After copying settings the same hot keys are also available on the lock (welcome) screen (when typing a password).

After unlocking the hot keys are still set as they should.

enter image description here

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